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Characteristics of a
Dutch International School

  • The Dutch International Schools receive government funding and therefore operate within the framework of the Dutch educational system. They differ in this way from private international and foreign education facilities.

  • The Dutch International Schools possess a number of distinguishing qualities in comparison with these other institutions, such as an active international character and being subject to inspections carried out by the Dutch authorities.

  • The Dutch International Schools use English to teach their international curricula.
    The Primary Department of the International School Haarlem will work with the IPC and the British National Curriculum.

    The curriculum of the Secondary School will most likely be the MYP and IB diploma Programme. 
    More information about the curricula can be found at: (primary education) (secondary education)


  • Even though the government subsidy does not cover all costs, The Dutch International Schools are able to charge relatively low school fees in comparison with private international and foreign educational facilities.

  • School fees for the International School Haarlem can be found at the admission's page.

  • The Dutch International Schools are affiliated with regular Dutch schools.

Dutch International Schools:

A very useful and informative source about differences between Dutch and International Education can be found on :
(video made by 
Annebet van Mameren / New2NL)

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Please note this is only about DUTCH schools, not about International Schools: 

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