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Feedback from our parents:

Just a quick message to say THANK YOU! for all the teachers & staff: International Day, field trips, thanksgiving lunch, sinterklaas, Christmas parties on top of great education and community spirit in school for everyone! Please know all your hard work is much appreciated by our family! 

K.C - November 2018

We would like to thank the entire staff of the ISH school as you have done an amazing job. My son (group 1) will leave the school, as we are planning to stay in the Netherlands and he will continue in a Dutch school, but will definitely miss the ISH !

When we arrived at the ISH school, he was not speaking English at all and within a few months, he was more and more confident, playing with other kids and communicating with his lovely teacher. Thanks for her patience and kindness. 

We are now coming toward the end of the year and I have noticed an improvement on his personal development.

Knowing his strict medical conditions, you always informed me about every step and as a parent it is really reassuring.

Thank you for the great experience !

M.B - May 2019

We want to thank you all (and other teachers and support staff) for the amazing time my boys have had at ISH. The school is a nurturing and wholesome place of education, with such a great ethos and vision. 
Our son have not only learned and developed academically but more importantly grown as little people. Their mindsets are much broader and open than before attending ISH. 


Keep up the good work and I hope the school goes on to greater and greater successes.

S and C.H - June 2019

On behalf of my family I would like to thank you and the ISH team for the great year our son has had in your school. That’s incredible what a progress he has been able to make - academically and personally. Needless to say he simply enjoyed being surrounded and continuously inspired by his great teachers and fellow students! We have been absolutely lucky to be part of ISH and - importantly- to witness how the school developed over one year only!!

O.K. - July 2018

Thank you card - July 2018

Committee of Recommendation

Alexander Rinnooy Kan (chairman)

Professor of Economics and Business at the University of Amsterdam, member of parliament, former chairman of the Social-Economic Council and the Dutch Employers Association

"International education is a must for a region with international ambitions."

Bruno Giebels

General director Sportfondsen Nederland b.v., chairman Industriekring Haarlem (IKH), jury chairman of the Haarlem Entrepreneurial Award

"The entrepreneurial climate in the Haarlem region will thrive if it offers facilities that will be welcomed by the people working for businesses in the region. As Haarlem is home to many international companies we applaud the arrival of the International School. Haarlem is an attractive place to live, and international education of the highest quality will fit right in.”

Huug de Deugd

Member of the Board of Governors at INHOLLAND

"I would be delighted when Haarlem opens an international school. It would be great for the many international people living in town as well as its surrounding areas while it also adds to the city’s international profile and offers an excellent addition to the broad range of international education in the region. I fully support the partners in their initiative!”

Arianna Ardia-Wenink

Founder and director at expatsHaarlem

"ExpatsHaarlem is the single wide community of expats in the Haarlem region and aims to simplify and enrich the lives of internationals living in the region. Having an international school at close range will be of the utmost importance to expats as well as organisations such as ours that facilitate expats. An international school will allow children to keep up with their mother tongue, and especially children that will be in Holland for a shorter period of time will be able to return home and continue their education without experiencing too many learning gaps. Daily interaction with pupils of many nationalities will allow children to develop skills such as openness to other ideas and cultures. Moreover, their self-confidence and the ability to adapt to their environment will also increase.”

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