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Parents for Parents Committee

About the Parents for Parents for Committee


The Parents for Parents Committee (PfPC) was created after the opening of ISH in 2017. We are here to provide a social and supportive environment for our families and build a spirit of community within and around the school. 


ISH has families from over 40 different nationalities and we want to make sure they feel welcomed and part of our community. Moving to a new country and a new culture can be difficult. The PfP committee recognize this and we want to make sure everyone feels part of the ‘ISH family’ as quickly as possible. We therefore organize several events during the year, such as a family picnic at the beginning of the school year, parent socials, bake sales, an annual ‘Summer Feest’ before the end of the school year and many more fun activities. These events are organised by parent volunteers, coordinated by the committee. We always welcome new (and known) faces, so if you would like to help or have any questions or great ideas, please contact us directly by email, via your class parent or directly at school. 



The PfPC arrange bi-monthly meetings where the committee meet with class parents (one or two parents who represent each class) and any parents/guardians who would like to join. Dates of the meetings are announced in the class WhatsApp groups sent out by your class parent. 



Activities and clubs in Haarlem

The PfPC has collected a database with activities and clubs for children in and around Haarlem –

please click on the button below:



If you have any questions or if you have suggestions to add to this list, please contact us via our email address. 

Haarlem has a thriving international community and lots of social activities and events are organized in the city and surrounding area. If you would like more suggestions for events of opportunities to connect with other families these are great resources on Facebook:

  • Haarlem GO!

  • Haarlem Parents

  • ExpatsHaarlem


WhatsApp Group for parents

There is also a WhatsApp group, intended for anyone and everyone of ISH – ISH Past and Present, started by one of our parents

Local information

For more local information, take a look at these facebook pages:

  • Haarlem City Blog

  • Kidsproof Haarlem en omgeving

  • Go-Kids regio Haarlem


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