School Holidays and Study Days

The planning of nearly all school holidays is regulated by the Dutch Ministry of Education. The government decides about the planning of the Christmas holiday, the Summer holiday and one week of the May holiday. They give advice about the planning of the Autumn holiday and the Spring Holiday. 

In our local region, the boards of all primary and secondary schools decide about the planning of the Autumn and Spring holidays, the (possibility of a) second week of the May holiday and the festivities days. Normally we receive their decision in spring. 

Festivities like Easter, Pentecost and Ascension Day are based on the Christian calendar and the dates differ every year. The festivities of King’s Day (27th April) and remembrance of the second World War (4th and 5th May) usually take place in the May holiday. 

Please find more information about the Dutch holidays by clicking the link below   



Please find below the dates for the scheduled holidays in 2022-2023

Teacher training days

(students are free, professional development for staff) for all groups /classes

  • Thursday 16th June 2022

  • Friday 17th June 2022

  • Monday 29th August 2022

  • Tuesday 30th August 2022                                                                                                                             Please note, that the start of the academic year for students is Wednesday 31st of August 2022