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Whilst the International School Haarlem has a rich educational program we do not offer after school hobbies or sports clubs. The city of Haarlem has a wide variety of excellent hobbies and sports clubs for children of all ages. Unfortunately, there is limited information available in English online. Please see the following Dutch link which has three filter options to help streamline searches.


The first ‘Type Clubje ’translates to the type of club, the 2nd ‘leeftijd’ requires you to enter the age of your child and ‘locatie’ translates to location, which can be changed from Haarlem - as there are additional clubs in neighboring villages. The contact telephone numbers for each club can be found through this site and we recommend for further information you call them. Most if not all clubs have staff who speak English and can assist you further with inquiries.


The Little Gym Haarlem


The Little Gym Haarlem offers a wide variety of gymnastic-based classes that help children aged 10 months - 12 years reach their greatest potential. Structured themed lessons in a nurturing environment build confidence during each step of your child's development. Join us for a free introductory class for the best experience.


For more information & contact details visit


Please find more information about after clubs and activities here

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After school activities

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