What is Physical Education?

As part of the International Primary Curriculum, P.E. challenges all students to: 

  • Develop their skills and competencies in various areas of Physical Education, including in Games, Athletics, Gymnastics, Health Related Fitness and Dance 
  • Work in team-based situations 
  • Nurture a love of physical activity in its many forms 
  • Understand how health and fitness will benefit them in their everyday lives, now and in the future. 

Primary P.E. focuses on a range of fun, interactive and challenging activities designed to inspire and enthuse our students to lead healthy lives. 

The Parts of PE

Primary P.E. does all these amazing things:

  • Inspires
  • Motivates
  • Develops knowledge, skills and understanding
  • Makes learning fun
  • Helps to build relationships
  • Contributes to the development of our important ISH values in our students

P.E. is offered to all Primary students. Each class is allocated 2 hours per week of dedicated, specialist time in P.E., and lessons are linked to IPC units being studied in year-groups, reflecting the learning they do within the class, and also through specific IPC P.E. units, e.g. Athletics, Games and Dance

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