International Childcare by Op Stoom

Thank you for your interest in the International Childcare by Op Stoom. Op Stoom is a different organisation than ISH and has its own policies. However, there are regular meetings and mutual exchange with school management. We are conveniently located at Rutherfordstraat 4, 2014 KA Haarlem. Children who attend Op Stoom after school go there by large carrier bike, van or their own bike (if they are older and with parents' consent). Children who attend the Sunrise Club are based at the Upper Primary location at Schreveliusstraat.

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After School Club & Sunrise Club

No child is the same which is why the Op Stoom After School Club offers a wide range of activities for example sports, music, acting, mechanics, science and arts and crafts. There are numerous additional activities to choose from however simply reading a book on the couch is also possible!

Furthermore we love to take the children out on adventures. Using our Op Stoom vans we take trips for example to the Kennemer dunes.

Our after school club is open Monday to Friday from the moment the school day ends until 18:30. Healthy snacks and drinks are included in the price and options are available for an additional cost if you wish for your child(ren) to eat dinner with us.

We also offer before school care for children called the Sunrise Club. So for those of you who need to be at work early you can bring your child(ren) to us anytime Monday to Friday from 07:30 onwards. You can rest assured that your children will never be late for school as we personally deliver them to their classroom on time. Your child in Lower Primary who attends Sunrise club at the Upper Primary location will be brought over from to the Lower Primary location by us by van.

Child Care during School Holidays and Teacher Training Days

The Op Stoom After School and Sunrise Clubs are also open during school holidays and teacher training days. Our care is then extended to offer full day activity programmes Monday to Friday from 07:30 – 18:30.

We can also offer places to children who only require our services during the holidays and in some cases may be able to offer ad hoc services throughout the year.

Op Stoom also has daycare possibilities, read more about it here.

If you have any inquiries as an interested parent, please feel free to contact us directly in English at