School Holidays and Study Days

The planning of most school holidays is regulated by the Dutch Ministry of Education.

In our region, the boards of all primary and secondary schools decide about the planning of the Autumn and Spring holidays, and the (possibility of a) second week of the May holiday.

We receive their decision usually in Spring.

Festivities like Easter, Pentecost and Ascension Day differ every year. King’s Day (27th April) and Remembrance Day for WWII (4th and 5th May) usually take place during the May holiday. 

Study days are planned by the school.

Please find more information about the Dutch holidays in general by clicking this link.

Start date

End Date (up to and including)

Start Academic Year 2024-2025

Wednesday 4th September 2024 (Study Days staff on 2nd and 3d September 2024)

Autumn Holiday

Saturday 26th October 2024

Sunday 3rd November 2024

Winter Holiday*

Friday Afternoon 13th December 2024

Sunday 5th January 2025

Spring Holiday

Saturday 15th February 2025

Sunday 23rd February 2025

May Holiday

Friday 18th April 2025

Monday 5th May 2025

Ascension DayThursday 29th May 2025Friday 30th May 2025


Sunday 8th June 2025

Monday 9th June 2025

Summer Holiday*

Friday Afternoon 11th July 2025

Sunday 24th August 2025

*On 13th December 2024 and 11th July 2025, the school day ends at

11.45 in Lower Primary

12.00 in Upper Primary

12.15 in Secondary

eAssessments in MYP5 and DP-exams will most likely take place in the May holidays. Please take this into account when planning your holiday if your young person attends MYP5 or DP2.

Study Days (all students free)


Monday 2nd September 2024

Tuesday 3rd September 2024

Tuesday 15th October 2024


Friday 14th March 2025

Wednesday 28th May 2025 (the day before Ascension Day)

Thursday 26th June 2025

Friday 27th June 2025