The International School Haarlem opened its doors in September 2017 with a primary department and started in 2018 with a secondary department.
The school offers an international curriculum to specific groups of students. We are proud of our school with its open and engaged culture, with our students at the heart of it.


At this moment the school is located on two sites: 

- Groups 1 - 4 are based at Schreveliusstraat 27, 2014 XP in Haarlem

- Groups 5 - 7 and MYP 1 - 5 are based at Oorkondelaan 65, 2033MN in Haarlem.  

The distance between school sites is  approximately 3 km. 

In academic year 2021-2022, we will start our Diploma Programme with DP1.

Please go to 'Organisation' to find information about our two locations.


Our vision:

At ISH our vision is to develop a community of caring, compassionate, honest, open-minded global citizens who enjoy learning in critical and creative ways. We strive to develop a positive sense of self and engage with our world on a local and global scale.


Our mission:

At ISH we enable the fulfillment of our vision by


  • providing dynamic, world-recognised teaching programmes with inquiry-based learning at the core


  • encouraging all members of the school community to engage in matters of worldwide interest and take part in service activities that aim to make a difference in the local and global community or the physical world


  • emphasising positive personal and learning values in daily life and learning (thoughtfulness and respect, principles and morality, communication and cooperation, resilience and adaptability) 


  • guiding students to reach their full potential as thinkers and lifelong learners by taking risks and reflecting on knowledge and experience


  • facilitating an encouraging, positive environment in which students are equally supported and challenged to achieve 


  • welcoming and respecting all members of our school community


To read more about our vision and mission, please click *here*.


The school’s founding members are two school boards, Salomo and IRIS, both of which are actively supported by the City of Haarlem. Op Stoom is our partner for child care before and after school hours.


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