Extracurricular Programme

Extra Curricular Programme

At ISH we strive to form a strong community, with an eye for local and global issues. In their Secondary year groups, students go on residentials in the Netherlands and abroad at the end of the school year, and do team building excercises to become active and caring group members. 

BSJ and Sports Days

We organise International Days during which we celebrate culture, diversity and share our pride of the many parts of the world that together constitute our school.

During Building Social Justice Days, which are off time table the school brings in the local and global community to talk about important societal issues such as poverty, diversity and women's rights.

MUN and Olympic Moves

Students join the Model United Nations to get a sense of the importance of dialogue and concensus to create dynamic solutions to global challenges.

Lastly, during Olympic Moves our students compete against peers from other schools in the Netherlands in many different sports disciplines. In 2024 our basketball team did extremely well!