International School Haarlem is an inclusive school with a personalised approach to the diverse learning needs of our students, including those with certain learning difficulties, disabilities or medical needs.

We have a clear and responsive support structure in which teachers, tutors and Student Support staff work together to identify and remove barriers to learning.

Support provision, appropriate to the needs of our students, is collaboratively planned and regularly reviewed, considering the views of the individual student and their parents/guardians.

Inclusion policies can be found here

Learning Support

Whilst our admissions policy reflects our views on learning diversity, we are a mainstream school and can only cater to students with learning support needs that can be met in a mainstream setting.

Admission to the International School Haarlem is dependent upon the school’s facilities and academic programme being appropriate to the applicant’s needs, and the applicant’s ability to benefit from the MYP curriculum.

Primary Inclusion

International School Haarlem aims to enable all children the opportunity to achieve their best academically, emotionally, and socially through:

  • High-quality teaching and differentiated learning
  • Adopting strategies to support neurodiversity
  • 1 to 1 and small group targeted interventions
  • Resources and ICT to support curriculum accessibility
  • In-class support by our skilled support assistants
English as an Additional Language

At ISH we value children’s language and culture. Our teachers are skilled in welcoming and supporting students who are new to English. Children who are new to the English Language or are still developing their academic English, are supported in a variety of ways.

  • Small group EAL lessons with a specialised EAL teacher
  • Access to texts and vocabulary prior to lessons.
  • Resources to support curriculum accessibility in the classroom.