What does Maths look like in the Primary Department?

At International School Haarlem we use White Rose Maths as a programme for Maths.

It is a mastery approach to learning maths, which means it focuses on developing a deep understanding on a conceptual and procedural level. It breaks mathematics down into:

  • Representation & Structure
  • Mathematical Thinking
  • Fluency
  • Variation

In their learning journey the children go through a constant cycle moving from concrete, to pictorial, to abstract.

What this means is that we expose children to new maths learning in a concrete way – so they can actually ‘do’ what the equation is asking them to. The next step is to see and work out the equations with pictorial representation. Finally, the children move onto the abstract representation and strategies for solving equations.

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By supporting children in their number fact fluency through deep understanding and regular practise we enable them to apply this knowledge to reasoning and problem-solving questions. This is a skill that the children will bring with them through the rest of their educational and life journey.

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