Your First Day in Early Years

We recognise that starting a new school is an important step for children and parents, and we want to ensure that we provide a smooth start for children who are joining Group 1. We want our children to feel safe, welcomed and happy in their new learning environment.

With this in mind, we have created a staggered start for our new learners in Group 1. These transitions are planned carefully to support children with settling into their new school so that they feel safe and happy.

We begin with reduced days and build up to full days over a week. This is to ensure that children ease into school life at a steady pace, become familiar with their environment and with new people, and they can build confidence when it comes to joining Group 1 for full days.

As part of the transition for our new learners, you will see that there is a possibility for a home visit before the children join Group 1. This home visit is optional. The aim of this is to introduce ourselves as your child’s teacher in an environment where they are comfortable, and to spend some time getting to know your child. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions about the first few days in Group 1.

Please find here some links to useful information:

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Checklist for your first day of school

What does a day in EYFS look like?

In Group 1, we begin our day together in our classrooms for circle time. Here we talk about our day and how we are feeling, so we all are ready for the day ahead. Are you looking forward to it?

It's time for a short Maths lesson, followed by continuous provision. This is when you choose which area you would like to learn in. What would you like to do?

  • Play in the home corner in Cherry class
  • Create something beautiful in the Art area in Maple,
  • Explore number and shape in Juniper
  • Or explore the world outside!

During this time you can choose when you have your snack. After that it's playtime outside with Groups 2 and 3.

You may then have half an hour of PE, followed by Dutch, then lunch together with your friends. 

Again, it's playtime outside with Groups 2 and 3. Are you ready for a ball game?

Come back inside for a short Phonics lesson, and then another period of continuous provision.

We come together at the end of the day for a story. You can vote on which one you'd like to hear!