What does science look like at ISH?

At ISH, we envision a science education that revolves around inquiry, application of knowledge, evaluation, and reflection. Students are encouraged to:

  • Engage in inquiry-based learning which cultivates curiosity and exploration

  • Develop analytical skill, enabling students to critically examine data and draw informed conclusions

  • Emphasize the practical application of knowledge, encouraging students to connect theory with real-world scenarios

  • Students cultivate a sense of responsibility concerning global sustainability

This holistic approach ensures that our students develop into lifelong learners and critical thinkers, well-equipped to thrive in an ever-changing global landscape.

Science in the MYP

Science is offered to all MYP students, it is a core subject for students through MYP 1 - 5. There is a final examination at the end of MYP 5: the eAssessment. Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Environmental Sciences are offered and optional at DP level 1 and 2.

MYP uses the Science objectives cycle to structure:

  • Knowing and understanding

  • Inquiring and designing

  • Processing and evaluating

  • Reflecting on the impacts of science

Science in the DP

In ISH's DP Science curriculum, we offer Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) (as of school year '24-'25). In Chemistry, students delve into the fundamental principles governing matter and its interactions. Through experiments and theoretical analysis, they uncover the mechanisms shaping our world at the molecular level.

Biology focuses on the microscopic intricacies of cells, all the way up to the complex ecosystems that sustain our planet. Through inquiry-based learning and laboratory investigations, students deepen their knowledge about genetics, evolution, and ecology.

Physics explores the fundamental laws governing the universe, such as mechanics and electromagnetism, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

In Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS), students examine the interplay between human societies and the environment. They analyze environmental issues from scientific, economic, and social perspectives, developing a holistic understanding of sustainability and the complex challenges facing our planet.

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