The Personal Project

The Personal Project in the Middle Years Programme is a culminating project that encourages students to showcase their skills, interests, and passions through independent inquiry and creativity. It spans across various components, including research, investigation, and reflection.

At ISH, the Personal Project starts at the end of MYP4 and it involves students selecting a topic of personal interest, setting challenging goals, and devising a plan to achieve them. Through in-depth research, students explore their chosen topic, analyze its significance, and develop innovative solutions or creative expressions.

The Personal Project includes a detailed investigation report, a process journal documenting the journey, and a final product or presentation that showcases their learning and achievements. Students also engage in regular meetings with a supervisor who provides guidance, feedback, and support throughout the project's development. This transformative experience fosters critical thinking, self-management, and a sense of accomplishment among our students. The PP is externally moderated and the grade is part of the final school report in MYP5.

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