Skills and Understanding

In both the MYP and DP, our curriculum helps students to acquire fundamental mathematical skills and conceptual understanding that they can use in real life.

By blending inquiry-based learning, practical applications, and challenging problem-solving exercises in Maths, students are challenged to use their critical thinking skills and logical reasoning. We hope that in the end, this will result in a real appreciation for the significance and versatility of mathematics.

Maths in the MYP

In the MYP, students engage with mathematical concepts across four key strands: Numerical and abstract reasoning, Thinking with models, Spatial reasoning and Reasoning with data

Mathematics in the MYP looks at four criteria when assessing student work:

Criterion A: Knowing and understanding
Criterion B: Investigating patterns
Criterion C: Communicating
Criterion D: Applying mathematics in real-life contexts

In Maths, students can either follow the Standard or Extended programme. 

In 2020 one of our ISH students was a finalist in the Desmos Global Math Art Contest. Click this link to see her amazing art piece.

    Maths in the DP

    In the DP, students build upon their foundational knowledge from the MYP, delving deeper into advanced mathematical topics such as calculus, linear algebra, and statistics. Students do DP Maths on a Standard or Higher level, depending on their ability and their performance in MYP Maths.

    Maths in the Diploma Programme focuses on the following objectives:

    • Understanding mathematical concepts, theories, and techniques

    • Applying mathematical knowledge and skills

    • Communicating mathematical ideas, reasoning, and solutions

    • Analyzing mathematical information critically, as well as arguments, and models.

    • Reflecting on mathematical learning experiences, processes, and strategies

    Through the exploration of higher-level mathematical concepts and rigorous examination preparation, students are prepared to succeed in university-level mathematics courses and beyond.

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