Language Acquisition in MYP

Language acquisition in the MYP aims to develop a respect for and understanding of other languages and cultures, and is also designed to equip the student with a skills base to facilitate further language learning.

At ISH, we provide the following languages in language acquisition courses: English, French, Spanish and Dutch. Besides studying English, students at ISH have to learn Dutch and in addition to this, they choose between learning French or Spanish.

The focus of our language acquisition teachers is on listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. Students also learn about the different cultures and traditions connected to the studied language. The curriculum was developed by the language acquisition teachers to make it inspirational and tailored for our students. These topics are discussed in all the language acquisition courses from MYP 1 through MYP 5.

Identity and culture: Self, family, friends, Free time and leisure, Food and drink and health, Festivals and celebration
Education and the world of work: School life, Future plans, Jobs
The world we live in: The weather, The environment, Global issues
Local area, travel and tourism: Local area, Holidays, Culture and communities
Technology and the media: Mobile technology, Social media

English Language Acquisition

Students who need support with English Language Acquisition take English Language Acquisition (ELA) instead of English Language and Literature (ELL). ELA focuses on learning the language rather than learning to analyze literature and write more complex texts.

In ELA, students work on language development at a level that is attainable for them. Because ELA classes are very small, this gives students the opportunity to improve their English in a safe environment and to gain confidence with speaking. There is emphasis on conversation, grammar, developing formal writing abilities, and identifying key ideas in texts. These skills support students as they use English across the curriculum.

ELA students work towards the goal of moving into ELL whenever they are ready to do so. The timeline for this varies from student to student. Regardless, ELA teachers keep in mind that students will eventually need literature skills. Students read novels and learn key literary terms, so these concepts are not new to them when they move to ELL.

Language B and Language Ab Initio in the DP

In Language B in the Diploma Programme students delve into the intricacies of Dutch, French, or Spanish. Language B caters to students with some prior knowledge of the language, allowing them to further develop their linguistic proficiency and cultural understanding.

Through a dynamic curriculum, students engage in stimulating activities, authentic materials, and interactive discussions tailored to their language level. Students explore literature, media, and cultural aspects, fostering a deeper appreciation for the language and its context.

For those starting from scratch, our Ab Initio course offers a solid foundation in either Dutch, French, or Spanish. With a focus on practical communication skills, students rapidly acquire vocabulary and grammar essentials, enabling them to confidently navigate real-life situations.

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