Language & Literature at ISH

As a Dutch and English department we strive to focus on the power of language as a communication tool, and we teach how you can use it to express your feelings and thoughts

At our school, our vision is to support students to become experts in one or more languages from their first year in MYP 1 until they matriculate to the DP. When you come to our language classes, you'll find passionate teachers who bring their diverse interests, education and backgrounds into every lesson. 

Language & Literature in the MYP

Through reading literature and other texts in Dutch and English, from medieval plays to modern spoken word, to poetry and art-house films, we try to stimulate an appreciation of the languages and the different cultures that they are part of. At the same time the written and visual texts help students to form opinions, to make decisions, do further research, take action and reflect

Language A in the DP

During the 5 years of Language and Literature in the MYP, students read a great variety of (young adult) literature, they write short stories, listen to speeches, give presentations, create podcasts, debate and make documentaries.

At the end of the programme, students will have mastered all the Language skills and Approaches to Learning Skills that will enable them to follow the DP Language A programme, either on a Standard or Higher Level, depending on their ability. When they are proficient in both English and Dutch, students are eligible to a bilingual certificate in the MYP and a bilingual diploma in DP. 

In the Diploma Programme students that have a best language other than English or Dutch, have the ability to follow a School Supported Self Taught (SSST) programme, with the help of a supervisor.